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Line Marking Chalk

  • Ideal use as a line marker for any outdoor sports where lines must be visible to players, spectators and officials. 
  • Non-irritating to eyes or skin and will not harm the soil or vegetation. 
  • 50 lb bag will stripe approximately 300 ft. of a 3 inch wide and 1/16 inch thick line.



Athletic Field Marker – MSDS

Paint5 Gallon Paint Bucket Pic

  • Long lasting field marking paint that can be used on both natural and artificial turfs.
  • Safe on grass and long lasting.
  • Dries within 30 minutes.


Bulk Athletic Field Marker – MSDS
Plastic Paint Tote Pic

  • 270 or 325 gallon tote
  • Tote comes equipped with a 2 1/2 inch on/off fitting.
  • Space saver.


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Spray Athletic Field Marker – MSDS
Spray Athletic Can Pic

  • Long lasting athletic field paint that makes clean sharp stripes in one Spray Athletic Paint Swatchesapplication.
  • Brighter colors that last longer in wet conditions.
  • Dries within 15 minutes.





Pro-Stripe – MSDS


  • Stimulates root growth and development allowing grass to remain vibrant and healthy.
  • Used by the MLB, NFL, NCAA, and the World Cup Soccer teams.
  • High Solids and low voc’s.

Available in :
Regular (1:1 Mix Ratio)
Super (1:2 Mix Ratio)
Extreme (1:4 Mix Ratio)

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Marking Paint – MSDS

Marker Spray Paint Pic

  • A fast drying marking paint. Marking Color Swatches Pic
  • Available in American Public Works Association (APWA) and OSHA Safety Colors.
  • Available in a full range of lead-free and fluorescent colors.


School Letters 6′ up to 30′
Mascot Photoimg1956ftA

Football Field Numbering Kits

School logo/Mascot stencils 3′ square up to 30′ square 

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