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Ace of Diamond Edging Ace of Diamond – Spec


L Shape Edging

Diamond-Lok (“L Shape”) Flexible – Spec L Shaping Brick Edging





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T Diamond Lock Edging

Diamond-Lok (“T Shape”) Flexible – Spec


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Bulk Anchoring Stakes
Bulk Anchoring Stakes
9″ Metal Stakes
200 Stakes per Carton
60 lbs. per Carton



4 Pack Metal Anchoring Stakes
4 Pack Metal Anchoring Stakes
4 Galvanized Stakes per Kit
50 Kits per Carton
60 lbs. per Carton



Diamond Lok Stakes - Bulk
Diamond-Lok Stakes – Bulk
8 Metal Stakes per Kit
25 Kits per Carton
60 lbs. per Carton


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3 oz. Professional Spunbond – Spec 3 oz. Landscape Fabric
To withstand heavy traffic with high strength. This fabric gives a professional edge. Cuts quickly with no fraying. This fabric is a permanent fabric when covered from the sunlight. Protects native soil and silt from clogging the drainage septic systems.


4 oz. Professional Plus Non-Woven – Spec 4 oz. Non Woven Fabric
95% of weed growth is stopped by using this fabric. This fabric let’s air, water and fertilizer pass though to plants roots. Permanent when covered from the sunlight. Saves you time with no more weeding.



6 oz. Construction Non-Woven – Spec 6 oz Non Woven Fabric
Heavy duty fabrics will not tear or puncture in construction applications. Using this fabric for road use will increase the life expectancy of the road. Allows water, air and gases to breathe and escape. Permanent when covered from sunlight.


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4.1 oz. Woven Needle Punch –  Spec Woven Weed Restictor
Woven weed restrictor controls weed growth without using chemicals and features colored lines every 12 inches for easy plant alignment. It is the best selling woven polypropylene fabric. The fiber cap helps retain soil moisture and increases plant growth rates. U.V. stabilized for an extended outdoor life.


Fabric Installation Instructions
Please click on this link for the Fabric Installation Instructions.

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Silt Fence

Silt Fence Rolls3′ x 100′ (11 Post – 1.5″ Hardwood Stakes) Silt Fence
The erosion fencing uses first quality hardwood posts and woven or non-woven geotextiles. The result are barriers that keep sediment and other run off within the confined area of your site. 
50 Rolls per Pallet



IDOT Silt Fence – Spec
IDOT Silt Fence come with 1.5″ Hardwood Stakes (21 Stakes per Roll). Roll size is 3′ x 100′.  

Snow and Safety Fence

Snow and Safety Fence – Spec
Heavy duty fence design with superior strength for longer durability. Ever heard of the three r’s, this product is reusable,recyclable and would reduce hazards. Easy installation and used for many applications.   

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