Divot Mixtures

Divot Mixtures

Improve the re-establishment of the turf on your course while maintaining the aesthetic look you and your members demand.  When you cover the damaged turf grass with our Divot Mix, you will stimulate rapid re-growth to maintain healthy turf.

  • divot-2Our Divot mixtures contain clean, pure kiln dried sand with 0% moisture, meeting the USGA specifications.
  • Other Divot mixtures contain up to 15% moisture. Why buy water?
  • Our sand has been thermally treated with just enough heat to remove any impurities, giving you an dry, safe, excellent product to apply to the damaged turf areas.


Customize a Divot Mixture using these choices:

Bio Flex

Ceramic Turf Conditioner Divot -3


Fairway Green Sand
Thermally treated to remove
any impurities

Grass Seed
Kentucky Bluegrass
Perennial Ryegrass
Custom Mixture

Hydra Hume


Reed Sedge Peat

Package Size
70 lb. bag / 35 bags per pallet
Tote = 2,000 lb.
Bulk = 22 to 24 ton (Direct Ship)

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